The mission of the Higher Vocational College Postojna is that students in all three study programmes acquire quality professional-theoretical and practical knowledge, thus improving their chances of employment and advancement. The school cooperates with the companies, organizations and institutions in our region, fosters the exchange of knowledge and information in both directions, thus adapting education to the needs of the environment. The school pays special attention to good relationships, open communication and improvement of the quality of education with modern teaching methods, and also provides for continuing professional development and advancement of the staff. In this way the school promotes lifelong learning, enables the development and achievements of the highest possible level of creativity.

The vision of the Higher Vocational College Postojna is to become a regional tertiary centre with a wide range of different programmes and forms of education for the economy in the region, and in this way meet the needs and expectations of the environment. The aim of our school is to become an institution that is recognized primarily by the quality and flow of expertise, openness and acceptance of innovations, modern teaching methods and flexibility. Students and employees should be provided with the opportunity to further their work and personal development and active participation in shaping the environment in which they live.

AN Mechanical engineering

AN Forestry and Hunting

AN Business Administrator